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8 mai 2007 2 08 /05 /mai /2007 12:17
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Release Date: 2007-03-29
Quality: 192 kbps
Filesize: 76MB

(Click on the title to download the individual track, full archived download is below)
01. 운명의 장난 - Mc진리(Feat.하하 Haha)
02. If - 전혜빈
03. 그게 말이죠 - Tree Bicycle
04. Day By Day -조관우
05. 사랑아 내게 오기만 해(Part1) - Ashily
06. Destiny - 이성욱 Lee Sung Wook
07. 사랑은 어려워 - 박채원(연우)
08. Memories - 김유경 Kim Yoo Kyung
09. 그래 - 나창현 Na Chang Hyun
10. 사랑아 내게 오기만해(Part2) - Ashily
11. Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
12. Run And Run (Inst.)
13. 사랑을 몰라 (Inst.)
14. 사랑이 힘들 때 (Inst.)
15. 요리 (Inst.)
16. 左충右돌 (Inst.)
17. Love Lesson (Inst.)
18. 굳세어라 행진곡 (Inst.)
19. Destiny Adagio (Inst.)


01. The destiny's amusement - MC Truth (Feat. Haha)
02. If - Jun Hye Bin
03. What I want to say is... - Tree Bicycle
04. Day By Day - Cho Kwan Woo
05. My love, just come to me (part1) - Ashily
06. Destiny - Lee Sung Wook
07. Love is difficult - Pak Chai Won
08. Memories - Kim Yoo Kyung
09. Yes, ok - Na Chang Hyun
10. My love, just come to me (part 2) - Ashily
11. Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
12. Run And Run (Inst.)
13. I don't know loving
14. When loving is tiring
15. Cooking
16. Dash and rush
17. Love Lesson (Inst.)
18. Be strong march
19. Destiny Adagio (Inst.)


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