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Profile of YOON KyeSang

Name in English: YOON KyeSang
Name in Korea : 윤계상
Name in Chinese: 尹啓相
Nick Name: YOOK KYE JANG (Korean Hot Soup), DOOLI, Dog Table
Date of Birth: 20th December 1978
Place of Birth : Seoul-Korea
Horoscope : Sagittarius
Religion : None
Blood Type: A
Height: 182cm
Weight: 62kg
Family Members : Dad, Mom, One elder sister, brother-in-law
Education: Chung Gang Cultural University
Hobbies: Playing Computer Games, Snowboarding, Singing, Fixing Broken toys
Talent: Rapping, Singing, Acting (I add in this coz he's pretty good at this, better than singing/dancing)
Best Feature: Clear Skin, No Facial Blemish
Favorite foods: Mom’s dishes
Favorite Music: Rock, Hip Hip and Rap
Favorite Brand: ARMANI
Favorite Style: Hip-hop style, Casual suits
Favorite color : Black, Whitel and Silver
Ideal Woman : Someone who is very feminine, prudent, wise and respectful
Motto : Do not forget those who do love me and whom I do love

2004 December 07, KS reported to the Ministry of Defense. In 2005, while serving the army force, KyeSang applied to be a member of the "Entertainment Soldier" which he succeeded. He was appointed to be Video Jockey of one music programme aired by the Korean Forces Network (KFN). His status in the army force was Sergeant YOON KyeSang.

On 2006, December 06, KyeSang had completed his national service and was discharged from Ministry of Defense on this day.

Agency company of KyeSang

Sidus HQ YOON KyeSang

Address of Sidus HQ

Sambo Buidling 1st floor, 88 Samsung-dong, Kang Nam Gu, Seoul, Korea

Facts about KyeSang
- credit to chocopie0927 for the info at god thread @ soompi

_tried out for being a rock star but instead got recruited to god
_is an actor now
_he is NOT permanently out of god.. not officially
_is at the army at the moment (date of joing the army 07 December 2004, expected to complete in 2007)
_had a MAJOR gay scandal w/sonhoyoung because they were so close w/each other
_when he concentrates, he cannot hear, see, feel or smell anything else than what hes concentrating on

TV Series

Yookahilgi -The Babysitting series (MBC - 1999 till 2001)
New Non-Stop III (MBC - 2000?)
My Sister-In-Law is 19 (SBS -2004)
Banjun Drama (SBS - 2004)
Crazy For You/Love Holic (SBS 2007)


Flying Boys 발레교습소 (Ballet Dancing School) (2004)

Yoon Kyesang debuted as a member of god in 1999 and recently announced that he wanted to do acting. Last year he was casted in a movie that was transformed from a internet novel to a movie. For a while he was picking out scenarios where he can show his singing and dancing skills but he decided on "Ballet Dancing school" as his debut movie. One of the movie staffs said "Yoon Kyesang is transforming into an actor in this movie and he gets to show his dancing skills too. He is a big star in the music industry and he wonders what kind of ratings he'll get in this movie as a actor."


The Baek Sang Arts Awards - this awards equivalent to the Emmys which includes awards for movies and TV

(2005) 41st Baek Sang Arts Awards - Best new comer: (Male) YOON Kyesang (Flying Boys)

- as a member of god, KS did five albums together with the other 4 members (Park JoonHyung, Son HoYoung, Danny Ahn and Kim TaeWoo

1st album "To Mother" Released - 1999 January

2nd album "I love you and remember" Released - 1999 November

3rd album "Lie" Released - 2000 November

4th album "Way" released - 2001 November

5th album "Letter" Released - 2002 December

Albums Awards

1999 - Received Popularity Award at SBS Gayo Daejun
2000 - Best Boyband Award at M.Net Music Video Festival
- 10 Dae Gasoo Award` from SBS Gayo Daejun.
- DaeSang` from KBS Gayo Daesang.
- 2 awards from MBC 10Dae Gayo jae.

2001 - 28th Korea Bangsong Daesang "Best singer"
-`Daesang` from Golden Disk awards
-`Daesang` from SBS 2001 Gayo Daejun
-`Daesang` from KBS 2001 Gayo DaeSang
- 3 awards received from MBC 10dae Gasoo Gayo Jae

2002 - `Bon Sang` from MBC 10dae Gasoo Gayo jae

(credit to BLUE RAiN_god, tks to SEALiNG BiHYUL for the information)

KS and god's websites in English


god Thread @ soompi

KS's websites in Korean

KyeSang's Official Fans Club [缘in계상] was set up on 30 December 2006

KS's website in Chinese


Bai Du - KS's Chinese Forum

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