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8 mars 2007 4 08 /03 /mars /2007 09:57

TKF fansub

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Projets en cours :

All in
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Fiche : http://lifeofgege.over-blog.com/article-5877700.html

Avancement projet : 8/24

Autumn tale

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Fiche : http://lifeofgege.over-blog.com/article-5889939.html

Avancement projet : 6/16


 What Happened in Bali


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Fiche : non crée

Avancement projet : en cours

Les films :

 Projets terminés                                                                               
100 Days With Mr Arrogant
A Moment To Remember
Ashura-Jo No Hitomi
Battlefield Stadium
Christmas In August
Colour of The Truth
Daddy Long Legs
Dance of the Drunk Mantis
Dead Friend
Everybody Has A Little Secret
Ghost In Love
Ghost House
Green Tea
Harmonium in Memory
He Was Cool
How to Keep My Love
Il Mare
Innocent Steps
Legend of Tekken
Love Letter
Love so Divine
Love Battlefield
Lover's Concerto
Lovely Rivals
Make It Big
My Boss My Hero
My Boyfriend Is Type-B
My Little Bride
My Tutor Friend
Needing you
North Korean Guys
Please Teach Me English
Public Enemy 2
Rasen The Spiral
Red Eye
Red Shoes
Reversal Of Fortune
S Diary
Sad Movie
Saving My hubby
The Scarlet Letter
Silver Knife
She's On Duty
Sky High
Swing Girls
Temptation Of Wolves
The Classic
The Myth
The Young Master
The Wig
Too Beautiful Too Lie
Untold Scandal
Voice Letter
When The Last Sword Is Drawn
White Valentine
The Promise
A Chinese Odyssey I
A Chinese Odyssey II
A Good Lawyer's Wife
A Tale Of Twoo Sisters
April Snow
Attack On The Gas Station
Azumi II - Death Or Love
Born To Fight
Beaking News
Crying Fist
Fighter In The Wind
Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
House Of Flying Daggers
Infernal Affairs I
Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs III
Initial D
Kamikaze Girls
Legend Of Evil Lake
Les Disciples De la 36ème Chambre
Memories Of Murder
New Police Story
My Sassy Girl
Once Upon A time In High School
Natural City
Ong Bak
R Point
Running On Kharma
Seom ( The Isle )
Seven Swords
Silver Hawk
Star Runner
Sword In The Moon
Sympathy For Mr Vengeance
The Twin Effect
Love In Magic
The Art Of Seduction
Shadowless Sword
Death Trance
The Banquet
My Brother
A Millionaire's First Love
Lovely Complex
Curse Of The Golden Flower
A King And A Clown
Love Me Not
Fly Daddy Fly
Holy Daddy
The Beast And The Beauty
Love Phobia

Projets en cours

Who Slept With Her ? ( Sexy Teacher )
Battle Of Wits
200 Pounds Beauty
Righteous Ties
Miracle on 1st Street
The Perfect Couple



Lien du site : http://tkfansub.free.fr/index.php?page=accueil





K Drama

Full House , [16/16 Terminé
ALL IN 8/24

- what hapened in bali 3/20
- Autumn Take 2/16



Le forum : http://tkfansub.free.fr/punbb/
Irc : irc://irc.worldnet.net/TKF
Tracker : ...



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