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8 octobre 2007 1 08 /10 /octobre /2007 14:30
Vic Zhou

Fiche acteur : ICI

  1. Make A Wish
  2. Love Loves You 愛在愛妳
  3. Hotline For Help 求救專線
  4. Broken Tears 破碎的眼淚
  5. A Gentle Good Night 溫柔的晚安
  6. With Me And You 有我有你
  7. Loving You
  8. It Aches My Heart 心疼
  9. Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough 童話還不夠美好
  10. If It Were Not, For Loving You 要不是愛上

Vic Zhou - Remember, I Love You (2004)

  1. Remember, I Love You 記得我愛你
  2. Your Body Temperature 你的體温
  3. Try To Love Me For A Day 試著愛我一天
  4. Mama Said 媽媽説
  5. How To Forget 怎麽忘
  6. Guarantee Of Happiness 幸福的保證
  7. Why Didn’t You Come 為何你不来
  8. Suddenly 忽然
  9. Message Of Three Thousand Years 三千年的留言
  10. I Breathe You - 我呼吸你

Chou Yu Min,Vic 周渝民 - I'm Not F4 《我不是F4》
30 octobre 2007

01. 馬賽克
02. 我不是F4
03. 完美偶像
04. 藍鯨
05. 一加一
06. 愛上這世界
07. 愛你恨你
08. 他是誰
09. 有沒友
10. Missing You


[Album] Vic Chou - The Best Collection 2001-2009 (Released May 08, 2009)

Tracklist :

CD 1
01. 我不是F4【周董為仔仔量身打造】(I'm Not F4)
02. 媽媽說 (Mama Said)
03. 最特別的存在 (The Most Special Existence)
04. Make A Wish
05. 讓我愛你(周渝民+徐熙媛)【偶像劇-戰神片尾曲】[Let Me Love You - Vic Chou + Barbie Hsu (Idol Drama "Mars" Ending Theme Song)]
06. 記得我愛你 (Remember That I Love You)
07. 愛上這世界【偶像劇-美味關係片頭曲】[In Love With This World (Idol Drama "Sweet Relationship" Opening Theme Song)]
08. 幸福的保證 (Guarantee Of Happiness)
09. 求救專線 (Hotline For Help)
10. 妳的體溫 (Your Body Temperature)
11. 怎麼會是你 (How Come It's You)
12. Loving You
13. 一加一 (One Plus One)
14. 為你執著 (Persistence For You)
15. 要不是愛上你 (If It Were Not For Loving You)
16. WHEREVER YOU ARE 【仔仔首支日文單曲】(Vic's 1st Japanese Single)

CD 2
01. 愛在愛你 (Love Loves You)
02. 熟悉的溫柔 (Familiar Tenderness)
03. 藍鯨 (Blue Whale)
04. 童話還不夠美好 (Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough)
05. 白 (White)
07. 三千年的留言 (Message Of Three Thousand Years)
08. 忽然 (Suddenly)
09. 完美偶像 (Perfect Idol)
10. 殘念 (Cruel Thinking)
11. 我呼吸你 (I Breathe You)
12. 破碎的眼淚 (Broken Tears)
13. 愛妳恨妳【柯有綸幫仔仔寫的刻苦綸式情歌】(Love You, Hate You)
14. 一個人的冬季 (Lonely Winter)
15. 試著愛我一天 (Try To Love Me For A Day)
16. 溫柔的晚安 (A Gentle Good Night)

Download : SHAREBEE (CD 1) l SHAREBEE (CD 2)

Vic Chou (周渝民) - Make A Wish KTV
Drama: none; has Ariel Lin in it
Format: .avi

周渝民 Vic Chou YuMin - 求救專線 [Qiu Jiu Zhuan Xian] [Hotline For Help] [MV] (feat. 賴雅妍 Megan Lai YaYan)


Vic Zhou - Familiar Gentleness - OST de silence


Vic CHou - I'm Not F4

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